Our Salons Open on Sundays!

Our Salons Open on Sundays!

Are you looking for salons open on Sundays? Here at Changes Salon and Spa, we are open every day of the week! We understand that everyone has a different schedule, that is why we try to be open for even the busiest person to get in for some pampering. If you want to come in after a long work week, we are open and ready to serve you! Read on for a variety of services that are designed to melt away the stress from your week and leave you refreshed, relaxed, and ready for Monday! 

Body Wraps:

Body wraps can be extraordinarily relaxing and do wonders for your skin! There is nothing we would rather get done on Sundays than come into the salon, get wrapped up in a warm blanket, and enjoy a massage. That’s precisely what you get with a body wrap!

You start off your treatment by crawling into a warm bed. You can choose from a variety of different wraps, including a Pevonia mud-wrap, an eco-seaweed wrap, and a chocolate mousse wrap. These all have their own unique affects on your skin, which you can read all about in our services pamphlet. 

After your chosen treatment has been applied, we will wrap you up in blankets while the treatment soaks into your skin. At this point, you will enjoy a half hour head, shoulder, and neck massage. 

While the body wrap is excellent on its own, it’s even better if you combine it with one of our other amazing treatments.

Couple’s Massages:

Why not take advantage of the weekend and have a fantastic date night with your partner? We have the perfect way to relax and start your night off right! Come in for a lovely couples massage and start off your Sunday the right way?

Hair Services:

To busy to come in for your hair appointment during the week? You aren’t the only one! Our salon is open, and we always have a hairstylist in to help you. If you prefer to get, your hair services done on Sundays then great! Give us a call, and we would be happy to book you in!

Nail Services:

Just as is the case with our Sunday hair appointments, we can get you in to get your nail needs looked after on Sundays as well! Whether you need a classic manicure or a full set of gel nails with art, our highly experienced estheticians would love to pamper you this Sunday!


Waxing and sugaring have many more benefits then shaving. This blog comparing sugaring and shaving goes into detail on these benefits if you are curious as to what they are! Sometimes, as amazing as they are, they can be hard to fit into a busy schedule. Hopefully, being open on Sundays can help you fit it in! Come get your waxing or sugaring done on Sunday and enjoy going into work on Monday silky smooth!

This is just a handful of amazing services that are available for you on Sundays. Our salon and spa are both open Sunday, just like any other day of the week! Come on in next Sunday and enjoy getting pampered with any of the fantastic services we provide.

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