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Permanent Makeup
Imagine not ever having to worry about make-up! Permanent make-up that lasts for years, you will look your most beautiful 24 hours a day. Enhance your overall appearance with this non-surgical micro procedure. Inserting pigment beneath the top layer of the skin into the dermal layer.

Pioneered permanent make-up in Saskatoon, With over 25 years of experience and being a board certified permanent make-up technologist, journeyman cosmetologist and Esthetician Carolyn Schwab C.E.O. is a master in her background. Innovative and understanding when meeting anyone's cosmetic needs. Providing discreet complimentary consultations, "it's about helping people feel better about themselves, I'm blessed to have the gift." "Permanent cosmetics are beneficial to anyone, especially the very active."

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Our most popular requested procedures. If you have thin eyebrows, uneven or no brows, this procedure will make a satisfying difference to your beauty and self-confidence. Eyebrows help frame the face, an important part of a person's expression and appearance. Become free of smudging eyebrow pencils and light colored brows. All colors are custom blended to suit your own coloring and personal preferences. Eyebrow pigment can mimic hair or be a solid shade depending on what look is best for you. We work with the natural coloring to give a realistic effect as possible. Your own hair will help give brows definition. The brows are drawn on your skin allowing you to make adjustments to ensure you're getting exactly the right look before committing. Choose from a full range of colors for your customized look.


(new) Microblading 3D
Embroidery eyebrows, a semi-permanent tattoo which lasts one to three years. It is done using a very fine blade to deposit pigments into the epidermis. Because we're impacting color closer to the surface, the strokes appear crisp and very fine. There is no "spilling" under the skin. This method is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of their eyebrows. The results are natural looking, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present.


This hot new trend, a collaboration of microblading and digtial machine, is dominating the eyebrow trend, making this the most desirable procedure in the beauty industry right now.


The cost of your PM Brows was determined based on what you wanted your result to be. For the last year I have been doing a combination of all three, and have had amazing results, I hope you love your brows. If there is any thing that you are not happy with please let me know after your brows are one month old, and you are penciling in the areas of concern.

Upper/Lower Eye Liners
Glamour without fuss, your eyes will look brighter and more alive than ever before. Imagine never having to use a pencil again, even when exercising, while being intimate with a partner or while you sleep. Eyeliner ranges from a variety of different styles, shapes and colors. You can choose from a soft natural –looking liner to a more dramatic defined black liner-the choice is yours. Enjoy having your eyes looking great all day, every day. Remember you can always add regular make-up over top, if you so desire...

Upper Liner $350
Lower Liner $350
Both $600
Eye Touch-Ups $100

Skin around the eyes is the most sensitive thin and it continually renews itself. Pigment works its way to the surface of the skin and is naturally sloughed off over time. Consistent usage of soaps, cleansers and the sun will also gradually fade permanent make-up. Touch –ups are recommended every few years. Touch-ups are quick, affordable and will make your eyes look freshly renewed.

Full Lip Colors & Lip Liners
Your friends will be asking how you look so good! Choose between a wide variety of beautiful lip colors and liners that will last throughout the day and night. These can be applied in either a natural or more vibrant hue. Helps to prevent lipstick from bleeding, correct un-even lips, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and gives more fullness and definition. Enjoy wearing it alone or applying different shades over top.

Lip Liner $350
Full Lips $450

Scar Camouflage
Helps to smooth your skin and acts as a corrective procedure, improving the appearance of any facial or body disfigurement, Enjoy a flawless new look and rid yourself of scars from such things as: cleft lip, grafts, acne or face lifts, fine lines, hypo scars and some wrinkles.

Per area $150+

Areola Restoration
This popular tattooing technique is specifically for anyone who has had to go through breast surgery. A customized pigment is applied in the skin to form an areola and nipple. Results are incredibly natural.

Full areola $450

Beauty Marks
Be unique and create your own mark! These can be designed or perfected. $75 Each

Changes Salon & Spa is a place where people from all walks of life can receive body art in a comfortable atmosphere. Our professional and discreet artist is always on premise, using disposable needles and sterilized autoclaves. (Prices available upon consultation)


Carolyn Schwab has been doing permanent make-up cosmetics in Saskatoon for over 18 years, and is a Board Certified permanent cosmetics artist. (Certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation.) Reduce stress by saving time. Make-up that lasts 24 hours a day, year after year. A micro-implantation machine deposits pigment into the skin. Enhance your natural beauty. Save $100.00 with any two treatments.

Helping You Look Your Best! Any Day, Any Time!

Permanent cosmetics allows busy people to look their best, enhances their beauty, giving them what Mother Nature didn't. At the same time helping their self-esteem.

Imagine waking up with your make-up on. Permanent cosmetics offers freedom for those who jog, swim or exercise. You can enjoy 24 hours of beauty. Permanent cosmetics will always give you the look that something is there, even when you are not wearing make-up. Permanent cosmetics is the process of implanting pigment into the dermis and is considered a form of tattooing.

Those who can benefit from permanent cosmetics are those who are active in sports, farsighted, allergic to regular cosmetics, have arthritis or tear frequently or just want to look good consistently. Remember permanent makeup is for men also. Many men have lash enhancement on the upper lid. Men also need hair strokes in their brows.

Why Go Permanent? Permanent Make-Up is a revolutionary method of inserting color pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This state of the art technique is medically proven to be completely safe.

What are the advantages of Permanent Make-Up:
  • People who are busy: You will not have to spend all that time trying to apply it your make-up correctly every morning.
  • Poor eyesight: Eyebrows and lip liner will be even finally and forever. Perfect for elderly people also.
  • Allergies to Make-Up: No point to buy hypo-allergic make-up anymore; Permanent Make-Up can do-away with this problem forever.
  • Oily skin that doesn't hold makeup well: No embarrassment anymore or concern of having your eyebrows half erased later during the day.
  • Over plucked eyebrows until they are almost nonexistent: The result of fashion, Permanent Make-Up will eliminate the eyebrow pencil and will create the perfect arch or fill in to enhance a sparse brow to look totally natural using the "feathering" technique. Remember that the eyebrows frame your face and are the most important part of your appearance.
  • Lip issues: People who have faded lips, damaged lips, sun damaged lips, uneven lip line, or lips with no definition. The procedure creates beautiful lips. It can change the size and shape of the lips as well as the color; the lips will look fuller and will help lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding area.
  • People with little problems mother nature gave them: Permanent Make-Up will accentuate their beautiful features; Your eyes can be made to: Look smaller of larger; lashes look thicker and longer. You can look as natural or as cosmetic as you like.
  • People who have undergone surgery: Permanent Make-Up is perfect for people who have had face-lifts to camouflage the white scar behind the ears. It is also for people who have had breast surgery or reconstruction; by adding color to the areola or creating nipple simulation; the result is wonderful.

What procedures are offered?
I specialize in eye liner, shaping eyebrows, lip lining and reshaping, and beauty marks.

Who would want permanent cosmetics?

Women who:
  • Want to save time each day
  • Have sparse, or half eyebrows
  • Have ultra-sensitive eyes
  • Have sparse lashes
  • Wear contact lenses
  • Have visual limitations
  • Are allergic to cosmetics
  • Have unsteady or arthritic hands
  • Anyone engaging in strenuous activities
  • Want the convenience of make-up that won't smear
  • Are fashion conscious
  • Have to look their best in the professional world
  • Want to always look naturally beautiful.

How is this done?
Using a small, sterile, micro-needle, pigment is inserted into the uppermost layer of the skin.

Does the procedure hurt?
Topical anesthetics are used to numb the area and minimize discomfort. Most people describe a mild, gentle, plucking sensation.

Is it safe?
A skin patch-test is performed with each new client to preclude an allergic reaction. Disposable sterile needles and surgical gloves are also used for each procedure.

How long does each procedure take?
Times vary according to the individual's sensitivity, hydration, density, elasticity, and overall condition of the skin. Average time is 1 hours.

How about referrals?
I will be happy to arrange for you to visit with previous clients who have undergone the procedures you desire.

How many appointments will be necessary?
A month or two after the initial application, a touch-up visit may be required to perfect the lines or color. There is no additional charge for this visit.

How permanent is Permanent Make-up?
In many individuals these procedures are indeed permanent. However, for others they may be semi-permanent. A variety of factors may influence the longevity of - Permanent Make-Up. Ultra-violate exposure from sun or tanning booths, various drugs, excessively dry skin, and smoking are all factors that may affect this. Alpha-hydroxide, retina-a, and glycolic acid must be kept away from treated areas. Use of these kinds of substances may require additional maintenance in years to come. Sunblock on eyebrows, sunglasses for eyeliner, and SPF on lips will greatly prolong the effective life of these procedures.

Other items of interest:
Colors usually appear darker and unnatural for the first few days, but then lighten to a natural look during the following few weeks. Pigment colors can be soft and natural looking, or a bit more dramatic. If desired, your end result may be deepened with additional applications, or lightened. Permanent Make-up is causing a wave of excitement, and has revolutionized cosmetic application. For many, it has become a time saver.

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